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Boost your productivity with these 10 must have apps.

Boost your productivity with these 10 must have apps.

We for one are always on a lookout for a good productivity app that will increase our effectiveness by reducing the time, energy or effort put in a project.
We are sure there are many like us who want to increase productivity and do more throughout the day. Here, we have compiled a list of apps that will help you increase your productivity and enhance your efficiency, so that you can swiftly finish or manage work.

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Google Drive
Though old, it is still the best. If you don't have this app already, download it now. It is one place where you can save your documents, spreadsheets, presentations,
PDFs and even pictures.
Upload these files from anywhere, edit them anywhere and share with anyone you want to directly via Google Drive. And the best part about it is that this Google product is not exclusive to Android and is available for other mobile operating systems too.

All of us have created a document on an app, shared with somebody else through some other app, and then texted the person to tell to check their mail. But with Quip, you can do all of these three via one app.
It lets you create lists, documents and spreadsheets. You can share them with your contacts and also chat with them. It also lets you pin important documents to your homescreen and you can also import documents from Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote to store them all in one place.

If you enjoy reading, you'll often find yourself engrossed in an article when ideally you should be doing something else. It makes it difficult for you to concentrate on your work and eats up your time in the office.
If you could relate to all of this, Pocket is the app that you need, because the next time you come across an article you can't resist, you can save it in Pocket and read it later. You can also save pictures and videos to watch later, and the best part is that it works offline!

If you have a problem remembering what all you need to do, and find yourself relying on stick-its, then this is the app for you.
You can add all the important tasks that you have to do and sync it across all platforms, so that each of your devices can remind you to do a particular job. You can easily rely on this organizer as it lets you plan for 7 days in advance. Users can also file tasks under different 'Projects' like personal, shopping, work, errands, etc.

Chances are that you know about this already. The service lets you take notes, pictures, audios and videos that get synced across all devices.
The free version of the app will let you upload content that is up to 60MB in size, and will come with a number of options that will let you organize, edit and share your content.

If you get distracted easily, download this as early as possible. It enables you to set work sessions for yourself and time them as you wish to. Similarly, it lets you set break sessions for yourself.
This way, it helps you manage your time more effectively. It also gives you the options like disabling all the apps that distract you, or disabling Wi-Fi, or sounds and vibrations. You can also check the total time you worked or took breaks on this app.

You can download this third party keyboard for typing faster. It does take a little time to get accustomed to this way of texting, but once done you would be able to take notes and more in a jiffy.
Also, the keyboard senses your typing style and predicts what emoji you'll use next or what word you are going to type. Consumers can even customize their keyboard via SwiftKey Hub and sync it across all your devices.

Send Anywhere
You'll love this app if you hate cloud storage. It is a multi-platform file sharing service that will let you share content across various devices in real time.
So if you have files that you need to share, all you need to do is open this app, pair with the device you want to send it to with a 6-digit key and press send. And the best thing about it is that you don't even need to login.

Some of us do get irritated by too many notifications. Snowball is a simple app to manage notifications on your mobile phone.
With this app, you can mark which apps notifications are important, and which are the ones you don't wish to see or hide. A vibration alert can be kept on for important notifications with snowball.

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