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WhatsApp iOS app gets new features; now save media for specific chats..

WhatsApp iOS app gets new features; now save media for specific chats..

WhatsApp has added new features for its iOS app. After launching a new update for Android, the instant messaging app with over 1 billion users, has rolled out four new features for iPhone users.

The first feature will allow WhatsApp iOS users to save incoming media such as images, videos for specific chats or groups. Users can click on the group name or chat name, and they'll see an option to save incoming media, ranging from Default (OFF), Always to Never.

The advantage of this feature is that users can turn off 'Save Media' option for groups, chats that they don't really care about, and don't want taking up space on their iPhone camera roll.

Plus users can turn on the 'Save Media' option for chat from close friends or families, where people might be sharing pictures that they actually wish to have on their iPhone.

With 'Saving media' option becoming chat-specific, users now have a lot more control over what gets saved in their Camera Roll. Earlier the choice was all or nothing, when it came to saving media.

The other features of the update are: Users can now pull down on in-app notifications to reply quickly, missed calls now show inside the chat rather than recent tab, and users can now share PDFs from others into WhatsApp.

Recently for WhatsApp on Android, a new build was spotted which will let users format their text to add bold or italics style while messaging their friends. The feature wasn't added to iOS in the latest update.

The new Android update also brings the ability to share files and PDFs from Google Drive, OneDrive, rather than just the internal storage option. For Android users, WhatsApp v2.12.535 will let them add a bold or italics format to a text. To add bold type the text in between two * (asterisks) symbols and for italics type between two underscore _ symbols. For your friend to see the formatting, they need to be on the same version.

WhatsApp recently revealed that it sees nearly 42 billion messages sent each day via its platform, with over 1.6 billion photos being shared daily.

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