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Basic General knowledge quetion And Answer for Competitive exam

1. Which crop is sown on the largest area in India?  

A.  Rice
B.  Wheat
C.  Sugarcane
D.  Maize

Answer : A.  Rice

2. The value of Gold is determined in 

A.  Rome
B.  Washington
C.  Teheran
D.  London

Answer : D.  London

3. The state which has the largest number of sugar mills in India is  

A.  Bihar
B.  Haryana
C.  Punjab
D.  Uttar Pradesh

Answer : D.  Uttar Pradesh

4. First University in India was founded at  

A.  Bombay
B.  Chennai
C.  Calcutta
D.  Delhi

Answer : C.  Calcutta

5. Tajmahal is on the banks of  

A.  Ganges
B.  Jamuna
C.  Tapti
D.  Cauvery

Answer : B.  Jamuna

6. The currency notes are printed in  
A.  New Delhi
B.  Nasik
C.  Nagpur
D.  Bombay

Answer : B.  Nasik

7. Which is the Land of the Rising Sun?  

A.  Japan
B.  Australia
C.  China
D.  Taiwan

Answer : A.  Japan

8. The largest ocean in the world is  

A.  The Indian Ocean
B.  The Antarctic
C.  The Atlantic Ocean
D.  The Pacific Ocean

Answer : D.  The Pacific Ocean

9. Kalahari Desert is in  

A.  India
B.  Chile
C.  South Africa
D.  Saudi Arabia

Answer : C.  South Africa

10. Mica is available abundantly in  
A.  Bihar
B.  Haryana
C.  Karnataka
D.  Rajasthan

Answer : A.  Bihar

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