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Wi-Fi SPEED Is Fast, Follow These Five Easy Ways Information

Wi-Fi SPEED Is Fast, Follow These Five Easy Ways Information In Hindi.

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With the development of technology, the demand for wireless devices has increased. The use of Wi-Fi is increasing day by day. In this way we should know about ways to use it. If your system has slowed the Wi-Fi speed, then we are going to tell you five easy ways to speed it up.

● 1. Switch Channels:
Routers have broadcasts through multiple channels. Including 1 to 11 channels. If you ever encounter problems in the Routers Signal, you can also see the channel change. For this you have to have the software, which can analyze what channel is empty and it is better for your system.

● 2. Look for Interference:
Keep the wireless router in a place where there is no interference with the signal. Stay away from places like cordless phones, microwave ovens, baby monitors, security alarms, TV remote control and automatic garage door openers. If there is any problem in the router signal strength then firstly check the signal bore. If its signal is low, you can also close some of the devices. Unless the signal is strong.

● 3. Network broadcast mode:
You can use the new 802.11n standard router for this. 802.11n is available with many offers. And it has a much better range and string signal than 802.11 a / b / g.

● 4. Relocate:
Occasionally there are some problems that we can solve in a pinch. That is, you can relock it when the signal of the router is ready.

● 5. Be aware of external interference:
It is often seen that several routerers are attached together in the Multicastory Buildings in apartments. In such a situation, if you wish, you can keep a separate place on your routers. So that the signal clash with your neighbor. Apart from this, also be sure to do this. That your neighbor is surfing on a different channel.

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