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Jio Apne Grahako Ko Denga Diwali Tohfa.

Jio Apne Grahako Ko Denga Diwali Tohfa.

Mobile content offers are mobile-based products that the user can pay to subscribe to and receive on a regular basis.
One of the most popular mobile content products used to be ringtones. Although they are still around and do well in certain countries, advertisers have become more creative and have started to offer new mobile content products including
Anti-virus protection
Win an iPad / iPhone
Fortune / Horoscopes
Adult Content
Battery Boosters
and Much more

How Do They Work?
When a user subscribes to a mobile content offer, they are charged directly on their phone bill or have the amount deducted from the credits available on their phone.
Because the billing model is through the users mobile carrier, the user doesn’t need to subscribe to the content using a credit card or another form of payment. This makes the conversion process much simpler.

There are several ways a user can subscribe to the mobile content using their carrier. Here I will briefly explain the different ways a user can subscribe so you can understand why some ways might be better than others.

• MO Flow – this is when the user gets an SMS / text message about the content they are trying to subscribe to and they need to confirm their subscription via SMS reply.

• MT Flow – this is when the user gets a pin code sent to their mobile device about the subscription. They need to revisit the offer page and submit the pin to confirm subscription.

• MSISDN Flow – these are the one/two click flows where a user can subscribe without leaving the offer page or using any SMS to confirm their subscription. They simply click accept/confirm on the offer page to subscribe to the content.

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