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WhatsApp Business App: Everything You Need To Know.

WhatsApp Business App: Everything You Need To Know.
NEW DELHI: WhatsApp has made its long-rumoured 'WhatsApp Business' app available for download for users. The app aims to make it easier for enterprises to communicate with its customers. The logo of the app has also been modified as it now shows a 'B' inside the WhatsApp logo. There are several new features in the WhatsApp Business that you won't find in the regular version. The application can be downloaded using an apk file.
Those who are not beta testers won't see it on Google Play right away.
On installing the WhatsApp Business app, users would have to register themselves by giving their contact numbers. A Business profile can be made by adding the profile picture, address, description of the business, website and other relevant information.
It is also possible to migrate all the important chats from the old WhatsApp account to the new business account. The option can be seen during the registration process if a user is converting an existing account into a new WhatsApp Business account.
The company has clearly mentioned that users should delete their old WhatsApp appif registered with the same phone number "as that will cause a reversion back to your old account should you reopen the old app."
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Another new feature introduced with WhatsApp Business is Auto Responses. As the name suggests, the feature answers on the owner's behalf to queries by customers. The message will be sent to the customer when chatting in a private window. The feature, however, can be turned off. Inside groups the message will show up once a customer @mentions the person. Away Messages can also be scheduled. Users can set it up by tapping on the three-dot option from the upper right corner under 'Settings'.
Since it is the business version, owners also get access to analytics inside WhatsApp Business for Messages Sent, Messages Delivered, Messages Read and Messages Received. This option is also available under the 'Settings' page.
In case you want to use both the personal and business apps in one smartphone, then you should better buy a dual SIM handset and register both with different numbers. If you want to use with a single SIM then it is recommended to register for the Business Account with a landline number.
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WhatsApp Business App: Everything You Need To Know.
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