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How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos of Others And Save it to The Gallery.

How to download whatsapp status videos of others and save it to the gallery.
Method 1: Using story saver app
1) Download the Status downloader app from play store.
2) After installing open the app and click on recent stories, it will tell you the brieft procedure.
3) Open whatsapp and go to status tab.
4) Now return to the status downloader app and you will see all the status updates are ready to be downloaded.

Method 2: Using File explorer
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1) Download any decent file explorer from the play store. The link is in the below description.
2) Now open whatsapp and see stories or status updates as usual.
3) Here's the trick. Now these status updates are actually downloaded by whatsapp temporarily. We just need to locate where the files are stored in the memory.
4) So, we open the file manager and go to the whatsapp folder.
5) Go to Media (subfolder)
6) Now go to settings menu of the file manager and enable the option that lets you view hidden files and folders.
7) You will see a folder named '.Statuses'
8) Now open that folder and you will see that all the status updates that you view recently are stored in that same folder.
9) Get a backup of your favorite updates by copying these files to another location.
10) That's all.

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