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If You Have An Old Voter Id Card, Then Read This News.

If You Have An Old Voter Id Card, Then Read This News.
If you have an old Voter Id card, then read this ...
If you do not have a Voter Id card and you want to make a living at home, the Government of India has fulfilled your dream. You can apply for a color voter ID card using a smart phone or laptop at home. Within one month you will get your own water ID card. For that you have to follow some of these steps.
Register on the Election Commission's website
You must have a personal e-mail and a mobile number before creating a water ID card. This will facilitate the election commission to contact you. Never give an email to an office mail. First go to the election website http://www.nvsp.in, where the new registration option will have to be clicked.
Fill true information
After clicking on the option, a page will open in front of you. Fill all your information nicely. WaterId cards are very important. So avoid avoiding any false information. The Election Commission can send you to jail for giving false information.
After 15 days of being saved the form can be edited
After saving the form you have to submit it. After submitting, you can make changes to your own details. You can also check your own water ID card application status online as well.
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Booth Level Officer will investigate
After giving information, the booth level officer BLO, designated by the Election Commission, will be at your home. The document that you uploaded will check. The hard copies of these documents will be taken to verify. You will be given a Water ID card in your home within one month after the post.
For Water ID card, you will need a passport, standardized standard sheet, birth certificate, PAN card, driving license, support card, bank passbook, phone, water bill, income tax form, etc.
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