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Khud Se Paytm Account Ko Aadhar Se Link Kaise Kare.

Khud Se Paytm Account Ko Aadhar Se Link Kaise Kare :Linking Aadhaar to Paytm account: Know it all
New RBI guidelines on pre-paid wallet instruments dated 11th Oct 2017 mandate all pre-paid wallet providers (like Paytm) to get their users link Aadhaar to their account
Linking Aadhar to account is the process of a business identifying and verifying the identity of its clients. This process helps to ensure that the services are not misused.
Importance of linking Aadhaar:
A mandatory document as per regulations of the Government
Regulations of the RBI Guidelines for any company that deals with money of  customers
It is done to prevent identity theft,  financial fraud, money laundering and  terrorist financing
Advantages of Linking Aadhaar with Paytm account:
Aadhar linked Paytm users can seamlessly transfer money to other wallets and bank accounts and their wallet limit will increase to Rs. 1 lac
Only such users can open a savings account with the newly launched Paytm Payments Bank and earn interest on their savings
Also there are many exclusive offers
Accepted documents:
All that is required is Aadhaar card and thumb impression of the account holder.

Linking Aadhar with Paytm account:
GO to your nearby KYC center
Tap on the hamburger menu on your Paytm app and select “Nearby” option
Now tap on “Complete KYC” to find our KYC centers in proximity of your location (make sure location services is activated on your mobile)
Visit any center with your Aadhaar number and PAN and get your full KYC done instantly
2. Raise a request on app here for calling an agent to your location
Khud Se Paytm Account Ko Aadhar Se Link Kaise Kare
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