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If Not, Forget About So Much Amount In Your Account, LPG Gas Subsidy..

If Not, Forget About So Much Amount In Your Account, LPG Gas Subsidy..
If you do not have minimum balance in banks, you will not get subsidy benefit in LPG. Now the consumer has been troubled by the changing rules of banks on the day. The people in the district who do not have minimum balance of 3 thousand rupees in bank accounts, can not get the benefit of LPG subsidy. In such a situation, poor poor people are facing problems.
In fact, a total of 17 gas agencies are operating in the district. There are 1 lakh 11 thousand gas consumers. It has been reported that the bank has made some changes in LPG Gas subsidy. Under this, subsidies will be given to the consumers who have balance of Rs. 3 thousand in their bank account. As soon as this rule is implemented, 20 per cent of the consumers in the district are not getting the benefit of subsidy. In this case, new consumers are happily taking gas connections, but they are having problems for carrying gas refill.


Bluff of complaints
On the other hand, there has been a complaint of complaints in gas agencies about the gas subsidy as soon as the new rules have come to an end. Consumers Basan Dhivar, Pushpa Yadav, Dilawar Yadav, Subhia Bai said that they have not got gas subsidy in their account for the last three months. Complaint is called to make balance updates.
               Food officer BK Corram said that there are problems with gas subsidy in some banks. In this regard, the letter will be written to the banks.
Make up trouble
According to one information, it is mandatory for any consumer to avail the benefits of gas subsidy linking the bank account. But due to lack of information, 30 percent of the people have not even linked the base. In such a situation, their accounts have been closed. That is why they can not get the benefit of gas subsidy.
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