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If This Does Not Work Then Your PAN Card Will Be Canceled.

If This Does Not Work Then Your PAN Card Will Be Canceled :- PAN card is one of the essential documents. Then you have to pay an income tax return or you have to open an account in the bank. Pan card is required in each financial transaction. So far the government has made Pan Card necessary for shopping. What happens if the PAN card is canceled in these circumstances. Yes it is possible. If you do not do the necessary work till August 31, your PAN card may be canceled. This is the last chance you can save your PAN card.
Link to Pan-base is necessary
If you do not link leaflets to Pan Card by August 31, then this can also happen to you. You might be surprised to know that the government has stopped 11.44 lakh PAN cards. Afterwards it has been put into an inactive category. After the August 31 deadline, it can be done with you even when no support link is available. The government has already instructed this to do so.

PAN will be canceled after deadline
Last year, the government asked the taxpayers to join support for paying income tax. However, later its deadline was increased. March 2018 was the last date to connect with the base on March. However, it has been stepped up due to a hearing in the Supreme Court. However, this year 31 August is the deadline for this. If the PAN-linked linking is not done by this time, the PAN card can be canceled.

PanCard has already been deactivated
The government had deactivated 11.44 lakh PAN cards during last year's refund. The State Minister of Finance also said in Parliament that this has been done keeping in mind that many people had more than one PANcard. Many people have doubts in their mind that their PAN card has not been stopped. In this case, people will have to check that their card has not been blocked or canceled.
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