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You Can Now Be Found On WhatsApp Without Anyone, Online, This Is The Perfect Way.

You Can Now Be Found On WhatsApp Without Anyone, Online, This Is The Perfect Way :- Whatsapp has emerged as a better messenger that people from every class are using today. Children, or old people, are now in touch with their loved ones through whatsapp today. Whatsapp has become a great tool to communicate with one another.

But many times people become disturbed by the frequent messages being sent or by the people. To overcome this problem, Whatsapp has brought to you a great function, through which you will not be seen online even when you are online, in this very unusual way you will be able to talk to your loved ones while on the other side Avoid unwanted people.

So let's tell you which is this new way of What'sapp. Before telling about its new feature, it is very important for you to know how many users of WhatsApp are in the world. Yes, a very startling figure has emerged in this matter,

Let's say that there are more than one billion people worldwide who use WhatsApp. If you are poor or rich, if someone has a smart phone then he will definitely be a WhatsApp user. Whatsapp is a very serene and free way to stay close to your friends and family.

You have to make no expensive recharge in this use, but you can also use this messaging app with cheap internet plan. Since WhatsApp has provided the facility of video calling and voice calls to people, it has started using more people.

At one time, WhatsApp itself has been purchased by Facebook, and only after that has its features been enhanced. Tell that people often get very upset with the thing that they do not want to talk to them also harass them by repeatedly messaging them.

The biggest problem has happened since then since the purpose of Blue Tick has arrived in WhatsApp, which means that the front has read your message. But now you can hide this blue tick and get rid of unwanted messages even when you are online.

For this you first have to go to Whitsap of your phone and click settings. After this you have to click on the option of privacy that is coming in, after clicking on the privacy option, you will have some options, one of which will be the read receipt. You have to click on this option and after that the front will not see the blue tick even if you read the message. Is not this a great way of doing what's late then treat your problem today?


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