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This Is The Process Of Linking The Ration Card To The Base

This is the process of linking the ration card to the base :- If you are thinking of linking your ration card to the base, among the essentials of linking hundreds of government schemes to the foundation, know its process.

Base Authority UIDAI said that Ration Card holders will have to deposit a photocopy of their Aadhar cards with a copy of the ration card by going to PDS shop.

UIDAI has said that when you go to the ration shop, you can be told to keep a finger on your sensor. Through it, it can match your information and information provided in the base.
UIDAI has said that for most schemes, the government is demanding the Aadhaar number from its database to remove duplicate and duplicate beneficiaries. With this you will continue to get benefits, subsidies or services without any restriction.
The base authority said that this is not only easy for you, but also helps the government in running it better. If you do not have the basis, you can always take your enrollment ID number (EID).

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