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WhatsApp new Feature Upcoming ( Mark as Read ) 

WhatsApp new Feature Upcoming ( Mark as Read ) :- Facebook's Proprietary WhitsApp has Launched a new and unique Feature to give its users a better Experience for some time now. The company has recently introduced some new Features like Group Video Calling, Forwarded Message. But the company has come up with a new feature. This new Feature has been named 'Mark as Read'.

According to the report, it is currently being tested on the beta version of Android. With this new feature, users can directly message 'Mark as Read' directly from the Notification Bar and it will not be noticeable again. New features will save time for users. However, this feature is not yet available on its beta version, as it currently needs a few modifications.

        It is said that this feature 'Mark as Read' button will be placed next to the 'reply' button in the Notification Bar. Apart from this, WhatsApp is working on a suspicious link detective feature to alert the user about any suspicious link. The company is bringing this feature to stop Fake News. This feature will allow users to know about the related App related website from any link found on WhatsApp and will be warned if the user looks wrong.
According to a report, whenever a link in WhatsApp is suspected to be suspicious, then there will be a red mark next to it. This red mark will tell you whether the link is spam, phishing link or fake news.

WhatsApp new Feature Upcoming ( Mark as Read ) 
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