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Top 9 myths of India

Top 9 myths of India
Try to think that whole world is connected and people living around us are well informed about the history. It is fascinating that some corers of the world are still covered by unusual misunderstandings, myths and mystery.

Some myths are true when it come to India.
These myths are really shocking when India’s long cultural heritage are considered, India is a place of worlds largest emerging economy, country of youngest population, world’s largest democratic country, technology hubs of the world.

We are here with some misunderstanding or in other words myths that are considered in foreign country regarding India:

Traveling is Dangerous
Many of them living in foreign are afraid of visiting India because they think traveling in India is not safe for them. In foreign it is believed that if one is visiting India there medical condition would become extremely unpleasant this is because there are poisonous snake traveling every where in India. and tigers roam everywhere that can attack you.
This myth related to tiger is also related to America, Australia, and many parts of Europe.
Generally it is believed that India is more dangerous than any other modern country in the world.
well, this myth regarding tiger and and snakes is not at all true regarding India which is believed everywhere in the world.

India is a small Country
To decision Bharat a rustic is technically correct, however fails to require into consideration the huge scope of the county’s population, earth science (India is that the seventh largest country by size), and history.
There area unit fourteen completely different official languages spoken in Bharat, and Bharat has one in every of the world’s richest mixes of non secular beliefs. Four of the world’s oldest religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism, were born in Bharat. You’ll additionally notice sizeable Muslim and Christian populations.

India is a Poor Country
In trendy western country it’s believed that Bharat may be a poor country and folks here a badly plagued by impoverishment. however this is often not true, Bharat is world’s third developing country and with this statics it means sizable amount individuals living in western country area unit abundant poorer than Indian.
What many of us fail to think about is that the technological and economic process of the country, that is quickly remodeling Bharat into one in every of the world’s largest economies. (It presently ranks variety seven.) The results of this growth may be a chop-chop growing bourgeois with access to the newest in fashion, amenities, technology, and services.
The unhappy truth is that impoverishment exists in each country of the world; Bharat is not any exception.

India is a Hindu State
If you are calling India a hindu country is technically correct but every one who thinks that India is only a hindu country is wrong because not only hindus but Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism, were born in India. You’ll also find sizeable Muslim and Christian populations.

While over eightieth of the Indian population area unit Hindus, it’s inaccurate to decision the country a Hindu state. Hinduism is that the world’s oldest faith, however differs dramatically from the Western idea of faith. Hinduism has no core philosophical system, there’s not central authority, followers don’t seem to be expected to follow anyone basic idea, and also the faith has nobody founder.
The nineteenth century mystic, Sri Ramakrishna, once aforementioned that for Hindus “there will be as several religious ways as there area unit religious aspirants and equally there will be as several gods as there area unit moods, feelings and emotions among the individual believer,” that remains one in every of the simplest descriptions of the faith.

The surroundings and Cleanliness
India has one in every of the densest populations on the earth, and also the slums that area unit therefore vividly portrayed in movies do exist. handling the quantity of trash and waste generated by one.2 billion individuals and a growing economy will gift a challenge. to boot like several rising economies, as well as China, environmental issues have usually lagged behind growth in different sectors.

However, to mention that Bharat is unclean as an entire is just not true. several area unitas of the country area unit improbably clean and environmental enhancements are continued.
Indians area unit Vegetarians
India will have the bottom consumption of meat of any country within the world, that has resulted in a number of the foremost tasteful feeder dishes on the earth.

India is just too Hot
This is probably another of the myths perpetuated by movies. India’s climate covers nearly each extreme from very popular and wet to dry and cold and people in between. The temperature point Bharat ranges from 50°C to -50°C.

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