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Check the items in the ration card online

Check the items in the ration card online

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Some significant choices were taken at an elevated level gathering held within the sight of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel on account of Corona infection. In the wake of the declaration of the lockdown, the families who are bringing home the bacon by eating and drinking every day are stumbling into difficulty. In any case, a significant choice has been made by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani for these families. Rupani has reported to give free
nourishment to poor families for 21 days. Which will be actualized from April first. Grain will be given to proportion card holders from first April. A sum of 30 million individuals, including the laborers, poor people, the laborers, will profit.
Oats will be given per individual
For one month from first April, 3.50 kg wheat, 1.50 kg rice and 1 kg sugar for every family, 1 kg lentils and 1 kg salt will be without given of cost at an administration endorsed modest grain search for one month from first April. The Prime Minister declared that the lockdown to shield the residents from the crown travel has been truly arranged by the Prime Minister with the goal that such little and poor families won't face any issue later on so that there will be no issue in the inventory of life-sparing merchandise or some other fundamental administrations.

There will be no lack of basic things in life in wherever in the state
In the current situation, a video gathering will be held with the flour plants relationship of the state city Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot and Vanabandhu zone to encourage all residents to get wheat flour, chickpea flour and other flour in the basic supplies. Ashwini Kumar completely expressed that the total course of action of the stock or dispersion of fundamental products in wherever in the state has been guaranteed under the direction of the Chief Minister.

In the state, income of 100 million liters of milk for each day will be accessible in satisfactory amounts.
The Chief Minister's Secretary named these choices as saying that milk, vegetables, natural products, oats, food supplies are being made accessible to all residents in the state at present. The framework will be kept up and the state government official will be designated to screen and arrange the income assortment and conveyance of milk to 18 significant milk associations, including Banasaderi, Sumul, Sabar, Panchmahal Amul Dairy, to guarantee that milk supply or vegetable organic products are not antagonistically influenced. General Chat Lounge The state has an income of 10 million liters of milk every day and roughly one million liters of milk pockets are appropriated. From the milk parlor in the express, this dispersion framework will keep on working routinely and satisfactory inventory of milk will be accessible in coming days.

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