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women self defence trick

Women self defense trick


It's time to learn self defense.

Are you afraid of walking alone late in the night? Have you ever heard about self defense for women or self discipline?

There are many martial arts like muay thai, focused on using your knees and your elbows, Kick boxing, focused on using your legs to throw amazing kicks or even shaolin, a kind of martial arts from the monks of Asia.

Within this app you will find fitness exercises, needed to be in good shape, street fighting techniques useful to defend yourself against a man with a knife or even two guys trying to hurt you or to catch you.
Learn self defense and follow many training methods to be prepared for almost any dangerous situation. We have many video tutorials of self defense movements, combat techniques, how to avoid aggressions, blows for self protection and even gun self defense!! This is a really complete fighting techniques app.

Do you know that there are many martial arts that could help you to defend yourself? We are talking about karate, krav maga, Aikido, jujitsu and karate, taekwondo, and self-protection, judo exercises, combat body to body or videos of new martial arts techniques.
The physical confrontation is extremely important to train self defense techniques and street fight movements.

For a personal defense app, the most important thing is to transmit all the knowledge with lessons, tutorials, video demonstrations of our fighting techniques professionals.
You may like other martial arts like krav maga, jujitsu, karate, taekwondo, shaolin, kick boxing, muaythai or boxing. Even training all of those martial arts you have to take specific self defense lessons, because are different of any other martial art.

From now on, you will not be afraid of anyone, of walking alone late at night or to defend yourself.
We have many self defense for woman lessons and tutorials.


We recommend you to escape from that place is a way of self defense. For people who study martial arts this might be considered a coward but for ordinary people who cannot defend themselves, running away is necessary.
You will learn how to avoid being hit on the floor easily. Learn self defense techniques & protection

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